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Definition and history of our beloved club

lellebel (n.)

adulteress, fornicatress, hussy, jade, loose woman, slut, strumpet, trollop, prostitute, bawdy wench, harlot, whore, cocotte, fancy woman, working girl, lady of pleasure, woman of the street, hooker, slapper, tart, tramp, hustler


A brief history about Dragshow Bar Lellebel

1997 – 2020

The founder of De Lellebel is Hans Wijtenburg. Who had established a department of De Kringen in Eindhoven during the late 1970s and started performing drag performances as a member of the duo Josephine and Daphne.

When a small Amsterdam café on the Utrechtsestraat became available, he turned it into a multicultural transgender bar. Decorated with a Baroque look with mirrors, paintings, ruffles and small chandeliers. Under the name De Lellebel, this small café was inaugurated on November 22, 1997 by the well-known Dutch drag queen Nickie Nicole.


In October of 2019 Tori Anneke was planning to move from Amsterdam to Lisbon who later, through a birthday invitation became aware of De Lellebel being up for sale by Rose Hill. A former manager who always dreamed of making it her way one day. The two quickly got together, later invited Tiffanie Deelight to the party and started putting a plan in motion.

On June 2020 the keys were passed on to Tori as the new owner of the De Lellebel and along with Rose and Tiffanie, promised to keep the café running in the tradition that it was towards the Rainbow and Straight community.

During this month, the Amsterdam hospitality sector began to re-open their doors but when De Lellebel didn’t, a lot of whispering happened among Amsterdam’s Rainbow community. The trio tried to keep it under wraps but someone leaked it on Facebook and the secret was blown.

De Lellebel was renamed to Dragshow Bar Lellebel and the trio began renovations immediately to update the old Baroque feel to a more modern, brighter, greener and bigger one.

Dragshow Bar Lellebel has always and still does attract a very diverse audience of the LGBTQIAA+ communities but not limited to. They also attract the straight community, stag and hen parties are quite common on the weekends for example.

The café is a home for many and a safe haven for everyone. With drag queens and trans women serving customers drinks as well as drag performances Dragshow Bar Lellebel attracts visitors from all over the world. Weekly on Sunday is dedicated to the Transgender community as a support ‘safe space’ who open their doors the the Netherlands Transgender support groups.

Located at Utrechtsestraat 4, around the corner of the famous Rembrandtplein the café offers seven days a week an ultimate experience. Amazing shows, delicious drinks and an open heart. Dragshow Bar Lellebel stands for diversity. A place where everyone can be themselves. A place where you can let yourself go and maybe even discover a new side of yourself. Tori sure did, she had her coming out there!!

Bookings, Info & Contact

Booking information

Wanna celebrate your birthday or a corporate event by us?

Well, you found the right place!

Want more info? Send us an email on the link below and ask for Rose.



How to find us

We are located just off Rembrandtplein near the 4 and 14 tram stop. At night, the street offers taxi service.

We accept domestic and international debit (PIN/ATM) cards as well as Visa/MasterCard/Amex. There is also a convenient ATM machine just across the street from us, if you are the cash kinda person.


All events start @ 22:00 (10pm)

Karaoke starts @ 17:00 (5PM)

  • Thursday is Lounge Night. Come meet the girls of Lellebel and have a chill evening.
  • Friday & Saturday are Draghow Nights!! Kweeeeens!!!!!
  • Sunday is Karaoke with KJ Jacqui. The more your drink, the better you sing!

Open and Close

Hours may vary based on events

Monday - WednesdayClosed
Thursday20:30 — 2:00
Friday - Saturday20:30 — 3:00
Sunday15:30 — 2:00


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