The Transgender Cafe

Every Sunday @ 15:00 only at Dragshow Bar Lellebel

We proudly present

We proudly host on Sunday’s from 15:00 to whenever the Transgender Cafe! A safe space for us, by us! Welcoming all support groups, medical professionals, entrepreneurs throughout Netherlands, Europe and Globally to come in a host a day/evening on our stage.

The stage is also open to any individual who wishes to tell their story, good or bad, heart warming or wrenching, you have our ears, our hearts and our love! Also open to artists, musicians, poets within our community.

We welcome all but strictly will NOT tolerate any form of aggression, sexism, phobias, discrimination and those seeking ‘thrill$’ (you know who you are and so do we)!! We vehemently stand together against this!

Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP!!