Cocktail Menu

Yumm-a-licious cocktails!!!

The ladies of Lellebel just love making and serving cocktails, whether summer or winter, our cocktails will cool you down and warm you up. Always made with love!

Dark n’ Stormy

Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum + Ginger Beer + Lime

Moscow Mule

Ketel 1 Vodka + Ginger Beer + Lime

Pink Paloma

Don Julio Blanco + Grapefruit soda + Lime

Sicillian Gin & Tonic

Gordon’s Lemon Gin + Tonic + Lemon

Spicy Collins

Tanqueray Gin + Spicy Mango + Spark Water + Lemon

Sevilla Gin & Tonic

Tanqueray Sevilla + Tonic + Orange Juice

Johnny & Ginger

Johnny Walker Black + Ginger Ale

Whiskey Sourz Goldflower

Johnny Walker Black + Sugar Syrup + Orange + Lime

Seedlip Grove or Spice

Seedlip Grove or Spice + Tonic

Our Signature Cocktails

Lellebel Royal

Tanqueray Black Current Gin + Fever Tree Tonic Med.

Honey Hill

Licor 43 + Cinnamon + Green Tea

Lava Deelight

Smirnoff Vodka + Lavender + Cassis

Lelle Mellon

Smirnoff Vodka + Watermelon + Spa Red

Bubble Rum

Captain Morgan White Rum + Bubblegum + Sprite